Sources & Citations

Finding and managing useful sources and citing them properly are essentials in being well informed on your topic and maintaining that knowledge between initial research and the actual conference.


The topic Synopsis

While the topic synopsis is an essential tool for establishing your initial understanding of the topic, you should not cite the topic synopsis. Each topic synopsis ends with a significant bibliography or works cited area in which you can identify texts that were important to the topic synopsis and could be useful to you in your writing. It is often easiest to search for those titles by name or by author on the internet or in your local library.

Managing your sources

It's crucial that you manage your sources in your research so that you can draw upon them for your position paper and speech writing. There are many means by which you can do this, such as a Google Sheet or a Google Doc. Below, we've provided two examples of source management systems that are used by members of our secretariat in writing our topic synopses. Feel free to make copies of these documents for your personal use.


BMUN mandates that you cite any and all sources that are used in the formation of your position paper. Should you be found in violation of our plagiarism policy, and will not be eligible for any awards.

BMUN uses standard MLA in-text citation format. Please see our Position Paper section for more details.