BMUN Blogs

Things change between the first publication of the topic synopsis and the beginning of the first committee session, and in order to keep up to date and provide our delegates with resources, BMUN maintains blogs for each committee.

These blogs will contain important and informative videos, podcasts, and news articles that represent developments or changes in a topic. They also host important administrative information for our delegates. These are a great way for delegates to interface with each other before conference and start to think about the areas in which they are most interested. We encourage delegates to comment on posts to interact with each other and start to build blocs.

We recommend delegates check our blogs regularly, as these are not merely places to find cool videos, but where to learn about each committee's specific position paper grading, crisis procedure, technology policy, and in-committee evaluation for awards. BMUN leaves significant power to the head chairs to decide the format and function of their committee, and we feel it is only fair that the delegates have access to that information prior to coming to conference.

To visit our blogs, please visit our conference site here.