Leadership Structure

Having an effective and well understood leadership structure will make it easier to divide work and establish authority within your club or classroom. It will also provide leadership opportunities for students in your club and encourage more people to join as they recognize the opportunities that the club presents to them. 



Your leadership structure mimicking that of the UN will help you keep in the UN mindset. While some of the terms may be unfamiliar to some, they are interchangeable with more familiar terms like "President" for "Secretary General" and "Vice President" for "Under-Secretary General." Typically, a well-organized MUN club will have at least the following officers

  • Secretary General: The “president” of the club, oversees and supports all other officers and general well-being of the club; ensures that tasks are being completed by other officers in a timely manner
  • Under-Secretary General of Internal Relations: Helps advisor plan and organize club meetings and workshops; organizes club bonding events
  • Under-Secretary General of External Relations: Leads efforts to market the club to the school and the community; works on organizing fundraising events for the club
  • Treasurer: Helps the advisor manage the club’s funds and write checks, also manages fundraiser revenue
  • Under-Secretary General of Logistics: The person in charge of organizing your school’s conference
    • If your school does not plan on holding a conference then this is not necessary!
This is the basic org structure your club/class should have

This is the basic org structure your club/class should have

Faculty sponsors

 In terms of leadership for an MUN club, there should be one adult advisor from the school, usually a teacher or other supervisor from the school. They should be responsible for helping facilitate learning exercises during meeting, organizing travel and accommodations for the club at conferences, and registering your school for conferences. BMUN requires every school/club to have at least one adult supervisor present at conference.