Getting Started

Starting a club can be overwhelming and scary if you don’t have the right tools and guidance, which is why we’re providing you with some tips and helpful information on how to best start your MUN club!


Finding an advisor

First, and most importantly, find a teacher at your school that is willing to be your advisor. Generating this initial support is crucial in starting a club on the right path, and it's mandatory to have an advisor in order to attend most conferences. Try asking teachers with specializations related to international relations (IR) such as history, social studies, economics, or government or teachers who you're close with!

Recruiting new members

Most schools require that you have a faculty advisor and 5 members to start a new club. If you've found your advisor, ask your close friends to join your new club. They can simply sign their names without even needing to join the club, but it's likely they will to support you!

Once you’ve spoken with your school and formed the club, now is the time to get other students interested in MUN. There are many benefits to doing MUN, but some students may not be aren’t aware of them! This Best Delegate guide illustrates several key points of why MUN can enhance students’ educational experiences. Here are some of the best ways to grow interest in your club:

  • Posting on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) about your new club and what it is about

  • Making announcements in classes about your club and passing around a sign-up sheet

    • We suggest classes that relate to international relations, such as history, economics, government, and English!

  • Tabling at any events used to publicize clubs so students know what you club is about

  • From there, have a first meeting in which interested students attend to learn more in-depth about what MUN is and what they will be doing as a part of this club.

  • Decide how you want to admit students, whether they can just join or you want to use an application/interview process, and disseminate information out to students, like interview times, application links, meeting dates & times, etc.

    • While it's nice to let everyone in, this will become difficult as spots are always limited at conference. Do your best to be equal in distributing spots at conferences to your club. We suggest delegating this responsibility to your advisor.

If you’re in need of some more guidance, here’s a link to the Best Delegate guide on how to start your MUN club.