MUN is often not an inexpenisve activity. Because of this, we encourage you to try the following fundraising methods to make your club and conferences more accessible to those who wish to participate in it.


BMUN alumni scholarship

Every year, BMUN gives away $13,000 to delegates in need through our Alumni Scholarship. This is a need-based scholarship that is meant to help delegates who cannot afford the cost of attending BMUN on their own but would still like to attend.

Our alumni scholarship is typically open from late September to late December, and requires a student application with a brief outline of the delegate's cost of attending and some short answer questions. An Advisor Recommendation is also required.

Petitioning for money from your school

Many schools and student councils have money that they raise or receive to give out to clubs on campus. Look into what resources are available at your school before looking to outside sources, as you may be able to find money for your group within your school.

When petitioning, we recommend emphasizing the educational aspects of MUN, as these are some of the most compelling reasons for your school to provide subsidies to your organization's registration fees, travel, and accommodations.

Creating local partnerships

Many restaurants, such as Soup Plantation, will allow you to host a fundraising night or day where a portion of their proceeds goes to your club or class. Try looking into restaurants in your area that would host a fundraising night, and then create a Facebook event or do a school announcement to encourage your fellow students to attend!

Traditional Fundraising

You can also try traditional fundraising methods such as bake sales and penny drives to drive revenue for your club. Try to sell your goods at school or at local hot spots where many people will be available to buy these goods. Often, people will be more likely to buy if they understand the benefits of MUN and that they are helping students have greater educational opportunities.